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The A. J. Mason Group was established by Mr. A.J. Sze and Mr. Mason Sze in 1978 as a private company for the family business. The founders’ origins was established in the construction industry as Mr A.J. Sze was also the co-founder of the publicly listed company in Hong Kong called “Paul Y. Construction Company Ltd.” that was a leader in the construction industry for Hong Kong and Singapore. In the earlier years, the Group focused on the development of residential properties, and has since evolved into a developer and operator of quality projects with unique character in specialized niche markets. Today, the Group is well-established in the real estate business that includes development, investment and management.

Based in Hong Kong, the Group is now operated under the leadership of Mr. Mason Sze, Group Chairman, and Mr. Jason Sze, Group Managing Director. It has also successfully extended its focus and network beyond Hong Kong too. Today, it is rapidly developing exciting businesses in the property sectors in the various Chinese Mainland and North America cites, and it is poised to benefit from the significant opportunities for growth that will arise from the rapid transformation in these cities that have been previously targeted by the Group. The company is confident that base on its vision, core values, and past achievements, the Group is set for long-term prosperity and growth.

Our current projects include the following sectors:
  • Mixed Use
  • Retail and Commercial
  • Hotel
  • Residential
  • Industrial